Ideas to enjoy Sugar Shack Season with friends & family

Sugar Shack Season is here! Here are our good ideas to enjoy this beautiful tradition with your friends and family.

Traditional maple taffy on snow

For this, all you need is some good maple syrup and clean snow freshly packed in a container. Boil the syrup for about 10 minutes or until it reaches a temperature of 115°C (238°F), and you're done. Drizzle over snow and enjoy. Set up a few logs as benches and warm blankets to make the tasting doubly enjoyable.

The decor

If you plan to enjoy the Sugar Shack experience at home, give your decor a warm cabin look. Add a few rustic elements like a red and black check tablecloth, decorative branches, deer head and maple leaf pillows, logs, etc. To make it even more festive, make yourself a playlist of folk and "rigodon" music and make room for dancing in the living room. You can find several good playlists on apps like Spotify.

Cooking with maple

It's time to indulge your sweet tooth with some good maple desserts like "Pouding au chômeur", "Grands-pères dans le sirop", sugar pie, etc. Keep this sweet tradition going by cooking those recipes with your kids.

Foodie at heart? Revisit the classics by adding a gastronomic twist.

Here are some good ideas:

  • Puffed omelette with cheese curds
  • Baked beans with duck
  • "Pets de soeurs" with bacon
  • Smoked ham with maple and whiskey
  • Cocktails with Maple Sap

Put on a nice plaid shirt you found at Place Longueuil and head out to the sugar shack to enjoy a nice traditional meal. Be sure to visit the kettle to teach the kids about the process of making maple syrup. A delicious and educational outing!

The perfect season to satisfy your sweet tooth and have fun with your family starts with a visit to Place Longueuil.