Place Longueuil - Services and amenities
  • Customer service
    • Customer Service

      Do you need help finding a particular store or do you need information regarding Place Longueuil’s services? Our customer service representatives located at the information kiosk are happy to answer any questions you may have! Our customer service center has partnered with the Clermont Bonnenfant Foundation, and accepts donations of bread ties, can tabs, and old pairs of glasses. Other services are available at this location, including first aid services, wheelchair rentals and stroller rentals.

    • Gift Card

      The Place Longueuil Group Mach gift card is the perfect gift for any occasion. Gift cards can be purchased at the information kisok.

    • Lost & Found

      Do you think you lost something during a visit to Place Longueuil? Don’t worry! We collect all lost items and keep them at our information kiosk. If we have not found an item you believe you lost, a customer service representative will take your contact information and get in touch if the item is found. Find out more at our information kiosk.