crème et boule

  • Monday to Sunday
Crème et Boule offers a variety of frozen desserts including hard and soft ice cream, sorbets, slush, milkshakes and cookie dough burst ice cream

You will also find exotic smoothies with flavors from Mexico and Hawaii and an energizing smoothie (green) where fruits and vegetables intermingle, with a note of peanut butter that will satisfy the greediest.

You can also discover their delicious “Bubble tea” or pearl tea, also called zenzou, boba or bubble tea, a drink originating from Taiwan which is a mixture of cold or hot tea and milk, flavored with various flavors and added with black balls of tapioca.

  • Crème glacée
  • Sorbet
  • Barbotine
  • Lait fouetté
  • Smoothie
  • Bubble tea